Structures, Narratives and Mediations
A Conversation between Genevieve Chua and Ho Rui An, 2013

2012 AIRx Residency, Royal College of Art, London
2011 GCC Creative Residency Programme, Gyeonggi Creation Centre, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
2011 The Art Incubator, National Art Council Singapore, CCC Shizouka, Japan
2010 BMW Young Asian Artist Series, Singapore Tyler Print Institute (STPI), Singapore
2010 Late Fall Residency, The Banff Centre, Calgary, Canada

2012 Young Artist Award, National Arts Council Singapore
2003/04 NAC Georgette Chen Scholarship


2000-2004 Lasalle-SIA College of the Arts Singapore

2014 Cicadas Cicadas, Gusford Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
2012 Birthing Ground Not a Sound, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore
2011 Another Place, CCC Shizuoka, Japan
2011 ArtHK 2011,AsiaOne ChanHampe Galleries, Hong Kong
2011 Child and the Beast, Objectifs Center for Photography and Filmmaking, Singapore
2009 Lost in the City: Full Moon & Foxes, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore
2009 Raised as a Pack of Wolves, M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, Singapore
2007 As Brutal As, La Libreria Gallery, Singapore

2014 Unearth/ed, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2013 Side-Glance, ICA, Singapore
2013 Anthropos, Numthong Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2013 Encountering the Unknown, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
2013 Disappearing Moon, Asia House Gallery, London
2013 Disappearing Moon, ICA, Singapore
2012 Encounter, Experience, Environment, Gillman Barracks, Singapore
2012 Marcel Duchamp in South-east Asia, Equator Art Projects, SIngapore
2012 Microcosmos, Goodman Arts Centre Gallery, Singapore
2012 DiverseCities, 8Q, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2012 Poskad Pameran, Viridian Art House, Galerie Utama, Singapore
2012 New Strange Faces, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore
2012 In the Arms of the Void, Pink Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
2012 Future Proof, 8Q Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2011 BMW Young Asian Artist Series, Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore
2011 The Art Incubator, Praxis Space, Singapore
2011 Shadow in the Dark, EXIT Gallery, Central, Hong Kong
2011 Art Project Ideas, Hiroshima MOCA, Japan 2011 Abject Systems, Studio Bibliotheque, Singapore
2011 Cross-scape, Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2011 Cross-scape, Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Jeonju, Korea
2011 Cross-scape, Goeun Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
2011 Imagine Malaysia, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore
2011 House of Incest, Post Museum, Singapore
2011 Selamatan Digital, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
2011 Singapore Biennale, Old Kallang Airport, Singapore
2010 Floating Worlds, ChanHampe Galleries, Singapore
2010 Together in Electric Dreams, Giveart, Singapore
2010 Singapore Survey 2010: Beyond LKY, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore
2010 No Conical Hats - Southeast Asian works on paper, Giveart, Singapore
2010 Cabinet of Curiosities, HT Contemporary Space, Singapore
2010 Next Wave Time Lapse, Big Screen at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia
2009 Lost in the City: Full Moon & Foxes, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore
2009 Works on Paper: History Lessons, VWFA, KL
2009 CUT 09 Figure: New Photography from Southeast Asia, VWFA, KL
2009 Drawing Out Conversations, Studio Bibliotheque, Hong Kong
2008 Drawing Out Conversations, Fost Gallery, Singapore